Humans solve crises. A platform creates efficiency.

Companies use Krizo when they absolutely have to be able to respond fast to any unwanted event. Our platform have been instrumental in solving both crises and exercises faster and more efficient.

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Digitizing crisis management & business continuity

Krizo is a platform for crisis management and business continuity. The core value proposition is to get organisations back to business faster. We are helping some of the world’s largest organisations digitising their crisis management setup through our platform.

The platform enables it’s users to create and manage highly operational crisis management plans which can be activated both for real incidents and exercises. We believe you should “train as you fight” hence use the same platform for exercising as you would in a real crisis.

Krizo has been in numerous exercises, both physical table-top and digital exercises and in real crises worldwide.

What we can help you achieve

Krizo can help you get back to business faster, prove the value of your crisis management and business continuity program and insurance claims post crisis. 

  • Notify people instantly
  • See available ressources 
  • Go from DailyOps to crisis mode fast
  • Initiate a structured response
All data logged
  • All data is logged and timestamped
  • Data-driven Lessons Learned
  • Promotes follow-up and evaluation
  • Use data for insurance claims
Streamlined communication
  • Notify people instantly
  • Complete overview of all on-going actions
  • Help multiple people at once
  • Clear process from delegated to approved 
Digital exercises
  • No physical presence needed
  • Engaging and quick to execute
  • Fix gaps cost-effectively
  • See progress over time 

The recall is estimated to have cost Samsung over USD5 billion. The considerable brand value and reputation premium of Samsung were threatened substantially but withstood the pressure and, a year later, almost USD50 billion (over 20%) in shareholder valuehad been added to the company.

Reputation Risk in the Cyber AgePentland Analytics, 2018
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Notify immediately

Go from DailyOps to Crisis Mode

In Krizo you can activate relevant teams instantly. This allows you to respond fast and efficient to any unwanted event.

See available ressources

See what ressources there’s available fast. When dealing with crises and unwanted events information is always very scarce. The initial priority is to assemble the right people.


Assess the situation

Decide what actions to execute

When the right people have been assembled physically or virtually you need to assess the situation accordingly. Based on that assessment you decide what actions need to be taken.

Data-driven templates

Use proven templates from Krizo to help you on what steps to stake. Our templates have been built by professionals and have been used both in exercises and sharp situations.


Streamlined communication


With Krizo’s Action Overview you have a complete understanding of all on-going activity. You can see how employees are progressing, who need’s help and what the over-all status of the response is. Instantly.

Agility & structure

In crisis management and business continuity, speed is key. With Krizo’s agile-inspired Kanban-view of all actions you are able to respond fast and structured to any unwanted event and never to lose track of a delegated action again.


All data organised in one place

All data is logged and timestamped

Getting all the facts, procedures and actions written down sufficiently is challenging when your company’s livelihood is on the line. Krizo logs all the data automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

Data built for insurance claims

When negotiating with you insurance company post-crisis you need hard facts, timestamps and concrete evidence that you responded according to policy. Krizo helps you get all that data automatically when you’re using the platform.


Digital exercises

No physical presence needed

Exercising is the best you can do to prepare for the unwanted. Period. But day-to-day business is top priority and traditional exercises are time-consuming, requires physical attendance and can lack engagement. Use Krizo to exercise digitally and cost-effective where no physical presence is needed.

See progress over time

See how your response-time is lowered over time and prove the value of your crisis management and business continuity setup with Krizo’s exercise module.

The most simple crisis management application on the market

Command. Control. Need-to-know.
Super user

Create, import plans, activate users/plans

Normal user

Receive information and tasks based on your role in the team.


Sign in

Sign in with Single Sign On or your other existing corporate credentials

Receive actions based on role

Receive action and information based on your role in the team so you know what to focus on immediately

Declare status

Declare your work status on specific task so management know what decisions to make next

Participate in chat

Communicate directly with your team and get help and information instantly

Proven templates

48 ready-to-use crisis management plans at your disposal

We have developed more than 48 crisis management templates that’s ready to use. Cut down your plan-building time dramatically by using our proven templates. The templates are built in cooperation with our clients to fit their specific needs within sectors such as Finance, Pharmaceutical, Transporting etc.

We have ready-to-use templates ranging from IT disruptions, social media and flooding.

Out-of-the-box integrations with top system

50 ready-to-use integrations to seamless support your existing workflows

Integrations are crucial – no platform can stand to be alone in a modern enterprise and for that very reason Krizo integrates with multiple 3rd party vendors such as ServiceNow, Slack, AppDynamics, Outlook etc.

Protect revenue and create resilience through our SaaS Crisis Management Platform

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