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Digitizing crisis management & business continuity

"We're on a mission to build a better future where technology replaces binders, call-lists, and spreadsheets when you're dealing with a crisis or business interruption."


Crisis management and business continuity plans must be extremely easy to understand and in a checklist format


Activating plans must be as easy as clicking a button and not reliant on outdated call-lists and binders


Evaluation is an integral part of crisis management, not having the right data post-crisis is a big mistake.

Digital exercises

One yearly exercise is not sufficient. Supplement your yearly exercises with our digital exercise module
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Crisis management plans need to be operational on an extreme level. They must be easy-to-understand, regularly updated and state the actions that are needed to be executed. Having plans as such allows for a quick immediate response and a solid understanding of what should be prioritized. Having action-based plans allow you to remain calm in high-pressure situations and know when you improvise and when to stick to protocol. This is why pilots adhere to checklists.


When going from ‘business-as-usual’ to crisis-mode you need to activate the relevant resources instantly. Outdated call-lists and dusty binders are not sufficient nor scalable. Krizo’s activation module allows you to activate any plan instantly and automatically redelegate actions to assignees who are not responding within predetermined timeframes.

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Evaluation is an integral part of crisis management as learnings are discussed and implemented in the new and improved setup. Evaluation today is a complete mess as data and communication are scattered throughout the entire organization.

In Krizo, everything is logged and grouped in the right context making evaluation streamlined and data-driven.