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Familiarisation with plans and procedures

Being familiar with the crisis and business continuity plans is essential in being able to respond well to any crisis or disruption.
Having the capability to stay cool and collected whether you are responding to a cyber attack, a data breach or a fire is important. The people that are responding to the incident need to be familiar with the plans and procedures. Exercising helps with exactly this.

Identify gaps in current plans and response

Krizo provides digital tabletop exercises with realistic scenarios which add pressure on the participants and test the plans of an organization. Exercising is not only a great way to test plans and procedures but also to identify possible gaps in the existing setup. Krizo will review all procedures after each exercise to make sure that the plans are perfect. We will go through each action and ensure that they follow the appropriate procedure and that the deadline and priority are right.

teamwork (exercise)

Work better together as a team

Our platform helps the organization work better together as a team while providing transparency to the leadership team. Using Krizo to exercise digitally will enhance communication. It will make information gathering much more convenient ultimately making it easier to gather and transfer the lessons learned from the exercise and integrate these into the current plans.

Enhanced communication and information gathering together with the other valuable features of our platform will significantly improve the effectiveness of the overall response.