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plan dev

Plan development

Having well developed crisis management plans are of essence.
The plans and what forms the scope of the crisis management in the organisation and the framework of which exercises and ultimately the response sits upon.

We will help you review and optimise current plans or develop completely new plans for your organisation. Our action based plans help ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do when the unexpected occurs.


Exercising is one of the single most important things an organisation can do to prepare for the unexpected. In spite of that, it is often neglected by organisations. Krizo want to change this.
Our team is experts in conducting crisis management exercises. We have conducted exercises with top tier organisations globally in industries such as Finance, IT and Infrastructure.

We create a secure training environment where the organisation can get comfortable with their plans and procedures.
We highly recommend running the exercisers through our digital platform, but we can of course deliver in the format best suited your organisation.



Evaluation after an exercise or a crisis is key. Evaluating gives the organisation the possibility to implement the lessons learned from the exercise or crisis and to improve the plans and procedures accordingly from the gaps identified. Evaluating after an exercise or a real event will help you continually improve the organisational resilience.

The organisations that evaluate and implement the lessons learned into their crisis management setup will also save time when revising plans and procedures.