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Business Impact Analysis

We conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to create an accurate overview of an organization’s most critical business functions and dependencies. The BIA helps the organization optimize processes and workflows while creating the foundation for the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
During the BIA, we will cover day-to-day functions, IT requirements, and dependencies among other things.

The BIA gives the organization a deep insight into its core business and helps map possible vulnerabilities.

Plan development

After conducting the BIA’s, Krizo will create an action-based digital BCP for your organization. The action-based plan will be directly integrated into our platform. Our digital plans secure, that leaders and operatives know exactly in which time objective to solve each task according to the critical thresholds analyzed in the BIA’s.

Krizo can also help review your current plans and procedures and place these on our digital platform.

plan dev


Business continuity exercising is a great way for the organization to prepare for an unexpected business disruption of any kind. During the exercise, we will test the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) established in the BCP to make sure, that each role on the team can respond according to these.
Our team is experts in conducting business continuity exercises. We have conducted exercises with top tier organizations globally in industries such as Finance, IT and Infrastructure.
We create a secure training environment where the organization can get comfortable with their plans and procedures.

We highly recommend running the exercisers through our digital platform, but of course, we can make a delivery in the format best suited your organization.