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Why we exists

Being a resilient company is no longer a choice

Unwanted critical events can significantly destroy monetary and reputational value in a matter of hours. Companies too often rely on outdated and static .pdf documents to manage critical events such as cyber attacks, supply-chain disruptions, data breaches, armed attacks, fire, and the list goes on.

Krizo’s dynamic platform will prepare and structure our customers’ approach to managing any type of unwanted critical event. With Krizo, companies will lift their level of preparedness and resilience to new heights.


You can trust us to always be honest, transparent and uncompromising in creating value for our customers.


We deeply value our customers and repay their trust in us by working tirelessly to deliver as promised.


We bend over backwards to create the best possible solutions for our customers, no matter what.


You can trust us to never stand still; we always try to innovate and make the platform stronger.

The Krizo Platform


Our culture

Our culture
is something
we value deeply

our vision

Be recognised as the global leader in critical event management

We have created a state-of-the-art platform for critical event management designed for the increasingly digital and uncertain world that our customers are facing.

Krizo’s platform has helped a multitude of companies across the globe. With Krizo, companies can prepare and train for all kinds of unwanted events.

Prepared companies respond faster and more efficiently to unintended critical events, limiting value destruction in the process.

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