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Emil Pfeiffer, CEO at Krizo


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How a single phonecall from a Chief Security Officer changed everything and ignited Krizo

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It’s not if. It’s when: No one is immune.

Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis in the last 5 years — with the average number of crises experienced being 3.
What’s more, the risk scales up: companies with more than 5,000 employees are more likely to have experienced more than 5 crises – an average of one per year.

PwC Global Crisis Survey of 2084 respondentsPwC, 2019
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Our story

So why was Krizo founded?

While running his own web bureau, Emil Pfeiffer Stenbøg received a phone call from a senior executive. The executive had been tasked with professionalising the entire security organisation of a top 10 Danish company. A part of this ambitious project was to develop a fully functional, flexible and digital crisis management platform to enhance resilience and better cope with unwanted and disruptive events.

To develop the solution the founding team was formed. First, Mikkel Petersen joined and with his +25 years of experience both as a programmer and managing development teams, Krizo was off to a good start. Soon after, Magnus Josias joined as the COO and with his extensive experience as a Crisis Management consultant he delivered value form day one. Magnus has helped some of the largest banks and universities globally to develop and maintain highly professional crisis management and business continuity setups.

With diverse skillsets and a combined vision to help businesses solve unwanted events fast, the platform has been tremendously improved through close collaboration with some of the world’s largest organisation who rely on Krizo to solve high-impact events. This unique collaboration and intelligent data-gathering has allowed Krizo to develop some simple yet highly effective templates that is used in both Europe, Asia and North America.


Emil Pfeiffer Stenbøg

Co-founder & CEO

Emil Pfeiffer Stenbøg has been tickling with software since he was 17 years old and published his first app by 18. Before starting Krizo, Emil developed numerous websites and applications through his web agency. Emil has previously been an elite-rower in Denmark.

Magnus Josias

Co-founder and COO

Magnus Josias is a recognised crisis management consultant. Working in the UK and Australia he has helped some of the largest financial institutions with professionalising their setup through plan optimisation and full-scale exercises.

Careers at Krizo

I feel lucky to be working at Krizo. I get to validate my ideas by applying them into practice and by interacting with management. Ideas get sparred around and filtered through the power of arguments, something I really appreciate. I get to work with talented engineers and it’s quite an amazing feeling to work on something that is ‘mission-critical’ and truly matters. The learning curve has been steep - but definitely worth it!

Marius Florin-CristianDevOps Engineer

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